Friday, December 12, 2008

Gift Cards you'll LOVE

The holidays can be a hectic time. And sometimes it’s hard finding that perfect gift for everyone on your list. If you’re not sure what to get or want them to choose their favorite gift, then consider going with a gift card. It’s a gift they’re guaranteed to LOVE!

We make gift cards easy. They’re fast and convenient at Select between gift cards that are sent by U.S. Mail or sent by email. Best of all…they never expire and can be used to pick from over 1200 styles of New Balance shoes, apparel and accessories.

Gift cards are sent by First Class U. S. Postal Mail and take about 3-5 business days for delivery. A card balance may be viewed with a valid gift card number, check gift card balance. And cards can even be conveniently reloaded to add more at a later time, reload gift card balance. If you need to send one right away, E-Gifts may be the better way to go. They are sent by email immediately after your order is processed. And you can add a personalized message with your email.

Want to learn more? Check out our gifts cards right here on Make their season bright this year and spread the LOVE with a gift card. Happy Holidays!

-- Julie

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The 993 is here!

Some good things just keep getting better. The 993 is the latest edition to the heritage 990 running series, New Balance’s signature style originally released in 1981 as the 990. The 993 promises a great fit, the same classic style, excellent support and more cushioning.

The 993 is loaded with technology to stabilize and comfort active feet. It boasts ABZORB® SBS advanced cushioning in the forefoot to help you manage long runs. And the new ABZORB® DTS has been added in the heel plus a full length ABZORB® insert to give you a comfortable and smooth ride. The suede and mesh upper offers a lightweight and supportive feel. If that’s not enough, these favorites come in extra wide widths and are a “Made in USA” shoe.
So if you are a loyal fan of the 990 series, the 993 might be the next best pick for you. Check it out here on Let us know what you think!

-- Julie

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Balance and Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

October is the month to think pink and more importantly think about the cure for breast cancer. Over the past 19 years New Balance has been proud to partner with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the fight against breast cancer. Susan G. Komen for the Cure® symbolizes what it's all about. “Susan G. Komen” reminds us of Nancy G. Brinker’s promise to her sister Susan to do everything in her power to spare others the agony of breast cancer. “For the Cure” reaffirms the vision of a world without the disease. The name conveys the original promise quickly and simply...Susan G. Komen = the Cure.

To show our support for the Cure, New Balance has the Lace Up for the Cure ® Collection. Each time you buy footwear, apparel or an accessory from the Collection, 15% of the proceeds goes towards the Cure. If you lace up for a run or walk, check out the WR768KM, the Official Shoe of the Komen Race for the Cure ®. It’s a comfortable, lightweight running shoe that will inspire you to get moving. And it’s featured in's Breast Cancer Product Guide this month.

Also, in honor of the month, now through October 31 you can get a free women’s cap with any Lace Up for the Cure ® $50 order right here on The cap is a stylish and fun way to show your spirit for the Cure! Lace up today! Together we’ll keep going stronger.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Aravon Women’s Collection….just in time for fall!

With the cooler weather ahead, many of us are looking for casual leather shoes. We want them to be stylish and fun but still have the comfort like our favorite running shoes. That's where Aravon steps in! The Aravon Collection is designed especially for busy women who want shoes that "support a woman's sense of well-being as well as her sense of style." So you don't have to sacrifice looks for comfort. That means no more aching feet when you're on the go all day long!

A roomier toe-box, good alignment and natural fit are just some of the perks with Aravon. The performance technologies are built around the basics of the Essential Support, 360° Fit and All-day Comfort.

Plus there are lots of style choices…. pumps, loafers, clogs, sling backs, boots and sandals. One of my favorites is the Mia, a closed-toed sandal with a heeled "rocker sole" for some extra height and a cute ankle strap for a fun look. I also love the Morgan clog that has an open back, an adjustable strap and it's perfect for dress pants. Check out all three of the Fall Collections for Everyday, Office, and Sandals, right here on Let us know if they become one of your fall favorites. We want to hear from you!

-- Julie

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

LOVE/hate...Right Before Your Eyes

I'm not sure if it's the scorching August heat or the new LOVE/hate campaign from New Balance, but more and more I am noticing the inner struggle all runner's face with each workout. No matter if you are an Olympiad or a new mom (again) trying to lose her baby weight...we all face it. Here's a story for you:

After my 3 mile run last Saturday, in the 90 degree heat, I struck up a conversation with another runner who was finishing his workout at the same time. He was drenched in sweat, taking out his ear buds after a hot run in the hot sun. I was drenched too, listening to my new Jay-Z and Keith Urban downloads from Napster. After getting back to our cars, we both chatted about the heat and other "runner" things. He downed a huge bottle of water, I chugged my fruit punch Gatorade and we just talked; runner to runner. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hot enough for ya?"
By this time I had a red mustache from the sugary sweet red Gatorade.
Runner: "Waited too too hot...(he took a gulp of water)"
Me: "Before 10AM... forget about it. So, how many miles did you run?"
Runner: "4.75...(chugged water) you?"
Me: "3.1...I did that down hill loop twice, messed up my ankle"
Runner: "Oh yah, that first downhill trips you up, did you loose footing?"
Me: "On the bridge."
Runner: "The bridge (sigh) yah, gotta watch it on there, it's so shady, you can't see all the rocks."
Me: "Yep...that's gonna hurt tomorrow."
Runner: "Little ice, good as new."

It seems like a pointless conversation to the naked eye, but to runners, this is real camaraderie. I would never walk up to some stranger and talk about my ankle pains and I bet no one else would think to give me some advice on how to fix it...but runners do this all the time.

This is what the LOVE/hate campaign is all about and it's mind blowing when you see it happen before your eyes. We're both sweaty, hurting, and probably burnt to a crisp, that is the hate...but the sun is shining, we just ran our hearts out, we have cold drinks in our hands and we have our iPODS. We're happy. That is LOVE. True LOVE. It's a trip to see it all play out like a script after each mile.

Any "runner" stories out there? I know every runner, no matter their mile time, can relate to this story...tell us about it, and maybe we'll post it on our blog.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ChiRunning® and the New Balance 800

A new craze has hit the running world, ChiRunning®, the practice of combining T'ai Chi with high mileage training, is one of the newest trends. ChiRunning® or Mid-foot strike running, is most accredited for decreasing shock to knees and joints, creating a more comfortable ride. This practice takes discipline, especially if you are a forefoot or heel striker.

According to an article released by, ChiRunning® "employs the balance, alignment, and fluidity found in T’ai Chi, with running to create stride mechanics that reduce injury and create a more energy-efficient movement."

With this new running trend, comes a new running shoe to go with it. New Balance is currently the only athletic shoe brand having developed a shoe specifically for ChiRunning®. From the SNEWS article, “The 800 mid-foot strike shoe addresses the biomechanics and performance needs of mid-foot strikers,” says Sean Murphy, advanced products engineering manager at New Balance. “Each attribute and feature was carefully researched, tested, and retested to meet the specific performance needs of these athletes.”

Attention mid-foot strikers! We want to hear from you. The 800 has actually hit our site and we'd love to know how it performs. Or if you are practicing ChiRunning®, let us know how it's do you feel?


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Balance 840

What shoe do you choose if you're an extreme terrain runner with a neutral running gait? But wait, you still want something that looks snazzy and performs just as great? The New Balance 840 trail running shoe just hit the site and it looks pretty incredible.

I am one of those runners that needs good traction when they start a run. I want a shoe that will make my feet feel secure. What if you hit a rocky area on your run? Or what if the terrain is unpredictable? What if it's 100 plus degrees outside and your feet start to sweat uncontrollably? If you have smooth outsole, you may not feel as "safe" and any shoe without moisture managing features will leave your feet with blisters. The 840 gives incredible traction with its N-Grip outsole, plus the PHANTOM LINER on the inside of the shoe will keep your feet comfy in the heat.

Any ultra runners out there? What do you do to keep your feet comfortable? Would you say traction is the most important? Let us know your thoughts...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

The New Full Length Zips

If you’re a big fan of the New Balance Zips, you’ll LOVE the new 1306 Full Length Zip Running Shoe and the new 1315 Full Length Zip Cross Training Shoe. These styles are just in and they’re smokin’ hot!

What makes them on fire you might ask? The biggest change is the NB Zip responsive cushioning technology that is now full length instead of just the heel. So you get the powerful “heel to toe” energy for an added burst to heat up your runs and training. And, the removable full-length insert with ABZORB® cushioning and BIOCOOL® mesh upper will keep your feet cool and comfortable for a soft ride.

Some of the same great features from previous Zip styles are carried over, too. The ACTEVA™ LITE premium lightweight midsole foam keeps you light on your feet for your lengthy journeys. And, the N-Durance® rubber compound helps your shoes last even longer.

The new extended Zips are perfect for the athlete looking for a cutting edge design who wants to go faster, stronger and longer. If you take a run in these new Zips and they ignite your energy, tell us about them. We want to hear from you!

-- Julie

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Balance Sesame Street Collection

new balance sesame street collectionYou can take just one look at these cute shoes and know kids will love wearing them! Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch - three of the most adorable Sesame Street characters shine in this great new collection!

As a sponsor of Sesame Workshop, New Balance introduces these new kicks designed on the 574 Classic Running Shoe. They're all sure to be favorites! With googly eyes and a soft blue fur liner, Cookie Monster is yummy. Elmo's contagious smile stands out and his red fuzzy liner will make kids laugh. On grouchy days or happy ones, Oscar's soft green suede upper and peeking eyes make him a winner.

These fun styles are also designed to be comfy so kids can play in them all day long. They come in multiple widths for Infant, Pre-School and Grade School sizes. For a closer look, check them out here at Let us know what you and your kids think of them!


Monday, June 23, 2008

New Balance Seamless Dress

Run in a Dress? Yes! You’ll LOVE it! This little dress just slips right on and you’re ready to go. It’s adorable and made just for your everyday run or workout. Because it’s seamless and has mesh ventilation in “just the right places” you stay cool and comfortable. The shelf bra and cute cross back straps give you great support to run for miles. It may be the most comfy thing you’ll ever run in! You can see the New Balance Seamless Dress as a favorite pick in this month’s Fitness Magazine, “perfect for a stylish stroll, running laps or just running errands”.

You’ve probably seen more women in running skirts, too. I’ve worn the New Balance Flex Skirt to work out at the gym. I have three of them! The built-in seamless short and side vents make it easy for me to move around. And I can wear it afterwards to almost anyplace I need to go. Mostly, I like the skirt’s fun summer look! Check out all the styles and colors for New Balance Running Skirts. They are so cool you may get addicted!


Friday, June 6, 2008

New Balance Gifts for Father’s Day

The count down is on! There’s only 10 more days until Father’s Day, which means you still have time to think about the perfect way to show your dad just how much he means to you. Whether the dad in your life is into running, working out, working hard or just kicking back, you can find some great gift ideas right here at

Here are a few of my favorite picks!

920 Water Shoe
This is the perfect time of year and a top pick for any dad with an adventurous outdoor spirit! This quick-drying water shoe was just awarded the 2008 Best of Adventure Gear by the editors of National Geographic Adventure Magazine. It’s the ultimate shoe for unpredictable wet or dry lands. The innovative design flows water out but keeps sand and pebbles from seeping in. So your feet feel dry faster and won’t hurt. The grip from the outsole also protects you from slips.

MP3 Arm Wallet
For your music loving dad on the run, check out one of the MP3 video holders. Dad can grab his iPod and hit the road with this convenient holder that has an adjustable arm band. It has a space for the MP3 dial and a clear screen to check your song choice along the way without needing to stop. This is so convenient and user-friendly, it’s ideal for the dad who enjoys music on the go!

N5™ Max
If your dad wants to keep track of all his fitness goals, take a look at this training monitor. The N5™ Max recently earned the 2008 Great Gear of the Year Award from! Its health focused with lots of easy to use features like an exercise calorie count that even shows total fat burned. The heart rate monitor stores data so you can keep records from every workout. This is just the thing for dads who are competitive runners or fitness enthusiasts.

Storm Striker Jacket
Not all jackets are created equal! Some stand up to wind and rain better than others. This jacket is so versatile it’s a must-have item for any dad. Designed for extra weather protection, it’s lightweight, great fitting, and features a music pocket for your MP3 player. A detachable magnetic hood gives you more options and the 360° reflectivity ensures safety during early morning or evening activities.

Shop by Outfit
You can’t go wrong with an entire outfit for dad! And you’ll be proud to see him sport a new look. Check out a variety of complete sets in one easy-to-shop place at the New Balance Shop By Outfit section. You’ll find awesome outfits for every dad whether he’s on the run, on the court or on the hammock!

Check out these gift ideas and let us know if any of them make a big hit with your dad! How ever you choose to show him how much you care, have a great celebration and treasure the time you spend together!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Balance 768 - Health Magazine 2008 "Best Running Shoe"

The New Balance 768 women's running shoe was just named a "2008 America's Healthiest Fitness Award" winner for best running shoe by Health Magazine. The 768 received "top marks" for cushioning, durability and flexibility.

What makes the 768 stand out? The adaptable trainer provides stability in any condition no matter where you run or what you run into. The 768 has a comfortable heel fit and roomier toe box. It boasts Abzorb® cushioning for a smooth journey and Stability Web® for lightweight midfoot support. If that's not enough, a Phantom Liner™ will carry you through on hot days to keep your feet cool and comfortable. And N-Lock® makes sure you get that snug secure fit.

So, if you want it all, whether for short runs or long marathons, the 768 could be the perfect running shoe for you. With hot summer days ahead, you'll LOVE this cool winner that is built to last.

The entire review is available in Health Magazine's June issue or by visiting You can find the 768's right here at


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Balance 903 - Runner's World Editor's Choice June 2008

New Balance 902 wearers, get ready for the next generation.

The 903 was just named Runner's World Editor's Choice for June 2008. The combination of a lighter ride and supportive fit make this style a great pick for performance runners looking for more.

28 Grams lighter than its predecessor, the 903 is any runner's dream. An excellent pick for racing or training, the 903 offers some pronation control with the TS2® Transitional Support System; so if you need a little extra support or stability on your feet, you will be covered.

If you're in the market to step up from the 902 or just looking for a lightweight, flexible yet supportive running shoe, try on the New Balance 903. And if you've taken a long run in the 903's, let us hear about it. We want to know!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Komen for the Cure® - Peggy Bryant

On, every few months or so we feature a new survivor on our Lace Up for the Cure® collection web page. When I first read Peggy Bryant's story entry for this month, I was floored. Her incredible tale of survival literally brought me to tears at my desk. Peggy also happens to be the Survivor Chair for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® Quad Cities.

Peggy's story is not only hopeful for cancer patients, but is also very honest. She talks of her fears, hopes, and dreams for her future as not only a Breast Cancer Survivor but as a wife and mother. Her battle with cancer was much more than a "one time" shot or experience, she was actually diagnosed with cancer two times; the second time she was diagnosed the cancer spread to her liver. She re-tells her sometimes scary and uncertain story with incredible strength.

During a speech Peggy gave about being a Survivor, she spoke about what the word 'survivor' actually means. There is a dictionary definition but there also is the "real" definition of a survivor. She asks "Am I a survivor because I have outlived some of my friends, or is there something more?" Peggy Bryant goes beyond a "Survivor", she is an inspiration to all.

Thank you Peggy!

(Peggy pictured above with her husband, Kelly; photo by Greg Boll)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Balance 790

New styles of the New Balance 790's are here on NB Web Express! Check out the new kid's styles , men's styles and women's casual styles. They are so lightweight and come in so many colors, they have become pretty popular.

But the 790's are more than just a great fashion shoe; the rugged outsole and lightweight feel make them a great pick for light trail running. So, if you're off for a quick, low impact run, the 790's could be the shoe for you. With the heat turning up, who wouldn't need something light and airy for the great outdoors?

Check out the new colors and be ready for fun looks that you might not have seen from New Balance before...


New Balance LOVE/hate on NB Web Express

I guess you have probably already noticed the new "look" to NB Web Express. We have officially made over our site and re-vamped for "LOVE/hate this is the New Balance." You will see splashes of the signature red and inspirational messages from New Balance throughout.

But what does LOVE/hate mean anyway? What is this whole new initiative about?It means all runners/athletes LOVE running and sometimes they can hate may run because of the how it makes you feel, how you perform, what it does to your "game" but sometimes, you just can't get there. You can't get out of bed at 5AM to run in the cold, you don't want to give up that night out for a good run the next day, but you do it. And what about training for sports? Who wants to run suicides at practice when they could be throwing a 3 pointer at the buzzer. That is exactly where New Balance comes in to help. New Balance is driven to put you in the best shoes and apparel possible so jumping out of bed at 5AM is a little easier...well not that easy...but still you will have the right "tools" to make it the best run of your day.

Hope you LOVE the new look...


Friday, April 11, 2008

"Spirit of the Marathon" Returns to Boston

April 17th, the inspirational documentary "Spirit of the Marathon" will return to movie theaters in Boston Massachusetts! There will be a back-to-back screening event at 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. ET. This will mark the first stop in a 16 city tour. The film will be exhibited the Thursday prior to major running events across the United States

On Sunday April 20th, one of the marathoners in the documentary, Olympic Bronze Medalist Deena Kastor, will compete in the trials hoping to qualify for her third Olympic Team. She said of her experience with the film, "It was a thrill to be a part of ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ and even more exciting to see the essence of this great sport captured so beautifully. It is my greatest hope that millions will relate to this film and that millions more be inspired by it."

If you are in the Boston area, I strongly suggest checking this movie out. And don't feel you need to have a 6 minute mile pace or a marathon under your belt, athletes and non-athletes alike will take something home from this great movie!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Balance 1011 - One of the Best Got Better!

The New Balance 1011 running shoe is "one stable ride..." according to

So what is so great about the 1011? You might be asking this especially if you are a loyal fan of the 1010. The added benefits and updates include an "updated flex groove that runs all the way across the width of the shoe." The better feel for the 1011 is also thanks to the new sock liner and extra cushioning, both huge positives when it comes to high mileage running.

Some features have been carried over from the 1010 including the ROLLBAR® GR for incredible motion control. If you tend to over-pronate, the ROLLBAR® GR will give you that added stability to keep your feet from floating inward as you run.

So if you are a past fan of the 1010, the 1011 might be the next best pick for's great for a change but some good things are just built to last! I think with the 1011 you get the best of both worlds.


Friday, April 4, 2008

The Non-Marking New Balance Outsole

Wood floor owners, racquetball players and gym teachers rejoice! All New Balance shoes contain Non-marking outsoles!

As the spring weather starts "budding" across the nation, now is the time to shop for athletic shoes to keep you in the game as the weather turns warmer. For some of us, that includes shopping for court shoes, or non-marking shoes for basketball courts, tennis courts, etc. While some New Balance shoes are geared specifically for racquetball courts and tennis courts, it is a relief to know that my son's stampeding around our wood floors in his New Balance kicks won't harm the finish...and my husband's NB Zip's won't either!

While you're shopping for athletic shoes this spring, don't pass up the non-marking NB's...they might just save the finish on your floors or make your fitness club happy!


Monday, March 31, 2008

Bras We LOVE

Searching for the perfect Sport Bra? New Balance may have the fix for you. Women's Health just featured several athletic style bras they "LOVE" and posted some reviews about the bra's performance. The New Balance Camisole Bra Top was one of the products in the spotlight. The brief article talked about the fit, feel and function of the bra.

Women's Health rated the bra top as "medium impact" and ideal for women with a cup size of C to D.

You can read more about the Camisole Bra Top on our website or you can visit for more information.

Try it on and let us know what you think!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

LOVE/hate. this is the New Balance

Do you believe in LOVE at first "site"?

New Balance has officially launched "LOVE/hate. this is the New Balance". Check out their home page and discover the new innovations New Balance has developed to make you LOVE running more!

Check out the Lacing Guide, Fit Guide and information on cutting edge New Balance technologies.

Don't forget to catch the NCAA Championship tonight and see the new LOVE/hate spot on National TV!


This just in!
The 1062 running shoe is NOW AVAILABLE for special order on! This ultimate cushioned running shoe is geared up and ready to make you LOVE running more!
Shop online or give Customer Care a call at (800) 595-9138 and place your order today!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Balance - New Launch - One Day Away!

Tomorrow evening during the NCAA Basketball Tournament, New Balance is set to launch; "LOVE/hate. this is the New Balance."

According to many sources/articles, this is part of a plan to "double athletic footwear and apparel sales in part by tripling the company's spending on marketing."

The campaign depicts every athlete's struggle with their own relationship with running. Running makes you a better athlete, but not every athlete likes to run. That is where New Balance comes in; their mission is to make you LOVE running more with innovative products and exciting technologies.

We'll be in the front of the TV watching and waiting tomorrow.

If you catch the spot, let us know!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Missouri Flood Waters and a BIG Thanks

We would just like to take a moment at NB Web Express to say Thank You for all of the well wishes during the storms and rising flood waters in Missouri, Arkansas and Ohio.

While thankfully our offices in St. Louis were not damaged nor was business restrained, a lot of homes and local businesses were seriously afflicted. Here is an article about the flood waters for more information.

Luckily, the only drawback I felt personally from the flood was a longer commute home; a ten minute drive turned into a 60 minute journey trying to battle lines of re-routed drivers; nothing compared to the devastation some families and local business owners felt.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts and messages!


Friday, March 21, 2008

New Balance to Launch New Campaign

New Balance is upping its advertising game with a new and exciting campaign initiative. More details to be launched March 27th, but here is an article from that talks more about this new direction and what we will soon see from New Balance in stores, on television and on the World Wide Web.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Balance Fitness Monitor Wins 2008 Gear Award

This just in!

The N5 Max Training Monitor has just won the 2008 Great Gear of the Year Award from! This monitor is perfect for runners in training for specific events; 5K's, marathons, etc.

The monitor is fitness and health focused with an exercise calorie count, heart monitor capabilities, and a target zone visual alert to keep you on track towards your goals.

And the heart monitor chest strap is included with the N5!

I have heard once you run with a monitor you will never go back to running without; I'm sure with these easy to use features, it will be hard to run with anything else!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music at your Fingertips...and While Running!

There are some new and exciting additions to the Lace Up for the Cure collection; check out the MP3 Holders from New Balance!

I've seen these "holders" at other retailers but none of them have the user-friendly features that these holders offer. The holders have a clear screen so you can monitor your song choice, a comfy adjustable arm band, and a space for the MP3 dial.

With other music holders and devices, you almost have to stop in your tracks to get the song you want...meanwhile your PR time flies by...well not anymore!

Try these new holders and let us know what you think.

And as an added bonus, New Balance will donate 15% of wholesale sales from the Lace Up for the Cure® Collection to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. See site for additional details on contributions and how New Balance is taking the lead to help find a cure for Breast Cancer.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Top 10 Nutrition Myths

I subscribe to e-mail alerts. is a website geared towards people with active/athletic lifestyles; you'll find training tips, nutrition guides, a little bit of everything fitness. Every now and again I will get articles about various health and fitness related topics sent to my inbox. This morning, the Top 10 Nutrition Myths were waiting for me in my e-mail and wow was I surprised.

Some of these myths shocked me...for example; for years I have been told by friends, parents, and Oprah to never eat anything after 8:00 PM; if you eat after 8:00, you will get fat. But after reading this article, that is certainly not the just have to read it to believe it.

This article also covers other topics like the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, the root of food cravings and white vs. dark bread. These myths are skewed towards the female audience, but some can be taken across the gender lines.

Have a look and let us know what you think, you might be just as surprised as I was.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New NB Zips for Spring

The new spring Zips have arrived!

Check out the new line of NB Zips for spring.
While designed mostly for the young, neutral runner, the NB Zips deliver a responsive ride and durable cushioning.

The women's colors are very light and perfect for spring, while the men's Zips are sleek and stylish with bold colors. My favorite of these colors has to be the WR8508WB; I love the soft green.

NB Zips are both functional and fashionable, so check out the new colors and try something new for spring. You can also find these new Zips for kids, too!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Balance 920 Water Shoe - Get Wet, Get Dry

In some parts of the country snow is still falling, but don't let this dreary weather get you down; spring is still coming soon.

Spring for some means enjoying the beautiful scenery, while for others it means hitting the open trails, wetlands and adventurous parks. If you are gearing up to take on the great outdoors this spring, check out the New Balance 920. The 920 is perfect for running on unpredictable wet or dry lands. If you're a trail runner and run from creeks to rocks, then the 920 could be a great shoe for you.

The 920's H2FLOW water evacuation system "allows water and sand to escape" your shoe. So, your feet feel dry faster. And the small, uncomfortable debris from creeks and rocks don't get the chance to harm your feet.

If you will be hitting the water or the rocks, try on the 920 and get back to us! We want to hear how the shoe is performing for our outdoor enthusiasts!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Balance 1061 - now on

The "buzz" stops here...the 1061 has arrived on!

Check out this excellent cushioning shoe that has been reviewed on Runner's World and is recommended for runners "with normal to high arches looking for plenty of cushioning and a firm base of support."

In order to fully experience the benefits yourself, you really have to put the 1061's on your feet.

The 1061 is flexible, comfortable and surprisingly lightweight for the cushioning it packs all together.

So, if you're looking for a little extra bounce in your step or cushion in your stride, try the 1061's.

And if you are a 1060 wearer and are a little leary about trying something new, I doubt you'll be let down with the 1061's performance.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Encore Presentation - Spirit of the Marathon

Last Chance! Due to popular demand, the gripping documentary "Spirit of the Marathon" hits 200 AMC theaters for one final night this Thursday, February 21. You can purchase tickets and view participating theaters at

The "Spirit of the Marathon" documentary follows six runners as they prepare for and ultimately face the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. All runners come from different walks of life, different ability levels and all have an incredible story about reaching their goals.

A collaboration of three-time Academy Award winner Mark-Johnathan Harris, Telly Award winner and marathon runner John Dunham, and producer/marathoner Gwendolen Twist, this documentary is not one to be missed.

You don't have to be an avid runner to enjoy the "Spirit of the Marathon;" anyone who has ever chased a dream, beat the odds or taken on a challenge should take in this great movie!

Check out this movie's riveting trailer and see what all of the hype is about. See you at the movies!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Balance and Bamboo hits FOXNews!

Retailers left and right are embracing more environmentally sound products; and New Balance is no exception. Bamboo fabric has hit the fashion scene and the public is taking notice.

FOXNews just released this article about the details of Bamboo fabric and the benefits of wearing recycled clothing, " 'Companies around the world are looking at their product lines using organic fibers to step more lightly on the planet,' says executive director LaRhea Pepper, who runs an organic-cotton farm in Texas with her husband and father."

Bamboo fabric is soft, light and very comfortable against your skin; nothing like the hard or prickly Bamboo shoots you are used to seeing in the zoo or in the Rainforest.

New Balance features a variety of men's and women's clothing designed with Bamboo fabric; so if you're looking for a "greener" choice in athletic wear, you have come to the right "tree..."


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wear Tested, Runner Approved - New Balance 800 Trail Shoe

Elizabeth Hansen; the author/owner/star of Run With Me, her incredible running blog about running, life, and running through life; wear tested the New Balance 800's for NB Web Express.

Elizabeth is not only a great runner, but she also is a regular pacer for marathons and other races. She has seriously dabbled in the world of ultra-running with a few 50K's under her belt. In addition to running, Elizabeth regularly volunteers to work in aid stations during marathons and other ultra races, so she has seen both sides of the running world.

Our wear tester ran a 24 mile race in ice and snow, 7.5 miles in the Phoenix heat and desert terrain, then another icy 50K in Cleveland, Ohio. She put the 800's through the ringer, and they came out ahead! She said, "The tongue (off the 800) is built in to prevent dirt getting in, and they feel super light, yet have a ton of traction. I love a minimal yet efficient shoe so I had high hopes for these."

She was also pleased that after one of the ultra-races, the pair held up to extreme conditions,
"The 800's did a great job out on the course and my feet felt no worse for wear after the 50k."

Read the rest of her review on her blog.

You should stick around to read more from Elizabeth, there is still more to come!


Monday, February 4, 2008

New Balance 768 has arrived!

Attention all of you 767 wearers! The New Balance 768 is here on I own a pair of the 767's; actually they were my first official pair of New Balance shoes I purchased at I had worn neutral cushioning shoes for years thinking I had a flawless running gait with no need for extra support. I completely ignored the small pains in my knees and back; I just wrote those discomforts off as "getting older" or "running too hard" or whatever.
But as it turns out, I needed more support. The 767's were perfect for me since they were supportive but not "clunky." I still had that "light" feeling in my toes as I ran.

But, you may wonder, (and I did as well) what makes the 768 different from the 767? Why fix what isn’t broken, right? The 768 has more room in the toe box; so if your feet tend to move in the shoe or your toes tend to feel a little scrunched, this new fit adjusts the feeling. The new N-Durance® Heel Crash Pad also gives a better fit in the heel area, giving you more comfort and shock absorption. You can still count on the comfort and cushioning you've grown accustomed to with the 767, but you now have some added updates to make your running experience even more enjoyable.

So, if you love the 767's, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the 768's. The new features will keep your feet comfortable and well supported so you can concentrate on the miles ahead!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Interview with New Balance - Worldwide Goals

One of my colleagues here at sent me this extremely detailed interview with three Product Managers from New Balance: one from Japan, one from the United States, and one from EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa). The interview comes from, a "street fashion" website that discusses the latest news in up and coming fashion.

This article is long, however the details and perspectives of these professionals should keep you reading. It's very interesting to see points of view from three different areas of the globe, and it's amazing to read about how audience directly influences the New Balance brand.

Each area of the world has a specific goal, need and focus; it's up to New Balance to discover the challenges and overcome them. It's a good read for a "snowy" weekend here in the midwest.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Balance Bamboo Biocool® Tee

We've had some previous posts about the benefits of the new Bamboo fabrication from New Balance, but I had to post again about the new men's and women's Bamboo Biocool® Tee that just arrived on

A good technical tee is important for training runs, but a tee can't do any good if it's not comfortable. So, the Bamboo Biocool® Tee is the best of both worlds; it's very technical with Biocool® body mapping (moisture wicking technologies that target core heat zones) and the cutting edge Bamboo fabric, but still comfy against your skin with a soft feel.

Check out the new colors for spring, too. They are bright, vibrant and bold, just in time for warmer last!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

NB Fits - Fitness Information Tracking System

What do you currently use to track your fitness progress? A tally chart on your refrigerator? Maybe you keep a journal? Or scribble workouts in your diary...?

Looking for new ways to track your fitness progress? Visit the "one stop" fitness resource of NB Fits and log your training, track your progress, record your achievements, and download workouts all from one site!

And, for anyone who is currently using NB Fits, leave your comments. We want to know how this tracking system is working for you!

Keep in mind you will need to create an account to join; but it's quick, easy and free of charge.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Balance 1350

Highly technical running shoes can be a little intimidating; there are a lot of technologies that all affect performance, fit and feel during a run. So, how can you be sure a technical running shoe is still a good running shoe? What's all the hype about anyway?

The New Balance 1350 is definitely a New Balance running shoe that deserves the hype. This fast style features the cutting edge technology of full length Abzorb® EX cushioning. This new full length is different from the heel or midsole of Abzorb® EX, it is constructed of interlocked Abzorb® and Abzorb® SBS cushioning.

But it's not just the cushioning that makes the 1350 a good pick for hip distance runners, it's the Memory Foam lining around the ankle for support, and the seamless Phantom Liner that reduces the weight of the shoe; all technologies work together for the ultimate running experience.

Sometimes the hype is right, and the 1350 is proof in the product!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Balance Camisole Bra Top

It's time to talk Sports Bras. New Balance is rolling out an incredible line of performance bra tops for women of all shapes and sizes. Now, there are more choices than just your standard cotton or spandex bra top and/or sports bra.

The New Balance Camisole Bra Top features precise cup sizing, adjustable hook and loop straps for custom comfort, and spacer cups for moisture management and modesty. But what do all of these features mean anyway?

Precise Cup Sizing: Say goodbye to small, medium and large when it comes to sports bras. Now you can find a sports bra that matches the same sizing as your everyday bra. The more accurate the fit, the better you will perform.

Adjustable Hook and Loop Straps: Make it easy to adjust the bra to fit your specific body frame. The hook and loop feature makes it easy to move and fit; so no more fumbling around with awkward latches or ill-fitting elastic.

Spacer Cups: This feature makes the camisole fit and feel like a regular bra. The cups offer fantastic support for larger busted women and some added coverage when wearing the bra alone. You should feel confident and comfortable when working out, and the camisole bra top does just that; keeps you looking and feeling good.

The camisole bra top isn't perfect for every activity or every body type. Women with a medium to larger size bust will get the best fit and feel from the camisole bra top. This top is also designed for low to medium impact activities; so, play golf, go to yoga class, walk, or even do some light jogging, but this top is not for marathon training.

More styles and fits coming soon, be sure to check back if you're in the market for your perfect fit!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Balance Cross Trainers

We have talked a lot about New Balance running shoes in this blog: how they fit, the types of terrain they are perfect for, what type of shoe is right for you, etc. But we have completely left out an entire category of New Balance shoes; Cross Trainers.

When I am in a shoe store, I tend to skim right past the cross trainers. After all, what can I do with them anyway? I mean, I typically run, occasionally lift weights, really what is the need? But in actuality, if you are adding some cross training workouts to your routine (biking, lifting, elliptical trainers, etc.) a cross trainer might not be a bad idea for you. There are even some cross trainers that you can actually run 3 miles in, or do some light jogging.

One of the most versatile cross trainers is the men's or women's New Balance 747. The 747 is very lightweight but still offers support for off-track activities. While I would not recommend running a marathon in the 747, a short run on the track or treadmill (under 3 miles) would be perfectly fine.

If you are an athlete with a diverse weekly routine, maybe give a cross trainer a shot if you have not already, it could surprise you. A cross trainer could save you from a mad scramble to change your shoes.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Balance Runner's Express

There is a section on our site just for runners, titled Runner's Express. You can find inspirational quotes, passages, articles, stories; and you can even leave your story in the "Where in the World Do You Run" section.

Each month we feature a quote from The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration; A Year of Motivation, Revelation and Instruction by Kevin Nelson. The book is a collection of quotes about running, keeping fit, and what it all means to active folks like you. What I love about this book is that you can relate the concepts of each quote to your everyday life. It's not just for marathoners or regular runners; it's for everyone.

The latest quote on Runner's Express is about New Year's Resolutions (I know, huge surprise there!) but it talks about how to make this year the best year ever, in your running. But, why not make it the best year all around?

"Running is a thing worth doing not because of the future rewards it bestows, but because of how it feeds our bodies and minds and souls in the present. Go out for a run today, and let it be the start of something grand. "

So maybe if you don't run and are thinking about it, this could be the year you jump on the running bandwagon and hit the trails. Like the quote says, don't do it for the future, do it for your health, mind and spirit now.


Monday, January 7, 2008

New Balance Apparel on!

We have some New Arrivals of New Balance apparel on!

These pieces are innovative, comfortable and very fun to wear while you train. Here are a few of my favorites:

Storm Striker Jacket for men/women: A versatile jacket perfect for the elements, the Storm Striker is designed with BIOSHIELD® fabrication for extra weather protection. It's lightweight, great fitting, and features a music pocket for your MP3 player.

Women's 4'' Speed Short: This is a great short for race day with cool colors and a lightweight feel. Plus, this short features Lightning Dry® fabrication to keep you comfortable and dry so you can perform your best.

Men's Speed Tee: Feather-weight with a barely-there feel, the Speed Tee is great for high impact training. And with Spring on the horizon, who can't use a great looking top that keeps you cool? This top features lightweight mesh at center back and shoulders plus Lightning Dry® fabrication.

Tons more pieces have just been added to the site; these few were just the warm-up to a great workout of style!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Balance Running Pants

It's now 2008 and time for those resolutions. If your New Year's resolution is to up your mileage or train no matter the weather, you might want to try the New Balance Reach Trackster pant.

This Reach Trackster pant offers ankle zippers for easy on/off and Lightning Dry® fabrication to wick moisture away from your skin.

Check out Runner's World for the review on the Reach Trackster and how the benefits can improve your stride. And if you are someone (like me) who must coordinate their running outfits, you can pair this with the Kaspian Half Zip for a cool look.

There is no reason why you shouldn't stay warm (and stylish) while reaching your goals in 2008!