Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To Wave or Not to Wave? That is the Question.

Last Friday evening on my typical three miler, I was chugging along the trail and passed two runners in a row. We smiled, nodded, etc. Then I passed one of the runners on the same loop again, this time I said "WAY to GO!" He smiled big and waved again.

Sometimes I will pass runners and they will enthusiastically wave and smile, other times you will not get a look. Same for bikers. Sometimes bikers say hello and sometimes they do not. We're all sharing the road so I guess there is a feeling of camaraderie among runners and bikers.

For me being friendly depends on the run. If I'm having a great run, I will typically smile, say "Great Job" or something nice. But if it is a bad run, forget it. I will not even look up. But on a seventy five degree evening right before the sun sets on an August night, and right before the weekend, I can't help but give a yell. Maybe I should have said "Happy Friday?!"

So, are you a friendly runner? Or would you just get down to business and ignore the other people on the same trail? Or does it depend?