Monday, June 23, 2008

New Balance Seamless Dress

Run in a Dress? Yes! You’ll LOVE it! This little dress just slips right on and you’re ready to go. It’s adorable and made just for your everyday run or workout. Because it’s seamless and has mesh ventilation in “just the right places” you stay cool and comfortable. The shelf bra and cute cross back straps give you great support to run for miles. It may be the most comfy thing you’ll ever run in! You can see the New Balance Seamless Dress as a favorite pick in this month’s Fitness Magazine, “perfect for a stylish stroll, running laps or just running errands”.

You’ve probably seen more women in running skirts, too. I’ve worn the New Balance Flex Skirt to work out at the gym. I have three of them! The built-in seamless short and side vents make it easy for me to move around. And I can wear it afterwards to almost anyplace I need to go. Mostly, I like the skirt’s fun summer look! Check out all the styles and colors for New Balance Running Skirts. They are so cool you may get addicted!