Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wear Tested, Runner Approved - New Balance 800 Trail Shoe

Elizabeth Hansen; the author/owner/star of Run With Me, her incredible running blog about running, life, and running through life; wear tested the New Balance 800's for NB Web Express.

Elizabeth is not only a great runner, but she also is a regular pacer for marathons and other races. She has seriously dabbled in the world of ultra-running with a few 50K's under her belt. In addition to running, Elizabeth regularly volunteers to work in aid stations during marathons and other ultra races, so she has seen both sides of the running world.

Our wear tester ran a 24 mile race in ice and snow, 7.5 miles in the Phoenix heat and desert terrain, then another icy 50K in Cleveland, Ohio. She put the 800's through the ringer, and they came out ahead! She said, "The tongue (off the 800) is built in to prevent dirt getting in, and they feel super light, yet have a ton of traction. I love a minimal yet efficient shoe so I had high hopes for these."

She was also pleased that after one of the ultra-races, the pair held up to extreme conditions,
"The 800's did a great job out on the course and my feet felt no worse for wear after the 50k."

Read the rest of her review on her blog.

You should stick around to read more from Elizabeth, there is still more to come!