Wednesday, September 5, 2007

NB Web Express - Runner's Express

There is a section on our website created specifically for runners called "Runner's Express." That might not a be huge surprise that a New Balance website carries "running" information, but this section is a little different. Right now we post motivational stories, quotes, foot guides, personal testimonials, pace calculators, and shoe recommendations based on activity. After all, a marathoner needs a certain shoe while a sprinter may need another. But, our Runner's Express section is growing. We have some plans on the horizon to make it an even better resource for runners.

Each and every runner has their own specific needs. What information do you find yourself searching for? For me it has got to be juggling training, work, and family. When you crave time with your family, love your job and love to do you keep it all in check?

So, what running information interests you? Is it personal stories? Straight facts? A little of both? How about all of those pacing tools and timing calculators? Are those handy...?