Friday, December 28, 2007

New Balance and Girly Girl Sneakers

Some of us (meaning some women) just don't like running shoes or walking shoes from a fashion standpoint. We just need something a little more stylish to accent our wardrobes. And sometimes another pair of heels is just another pair of heels, you need something different. That is were New Balance steps in! According to this article by Sarah Mahoney from MediaPost's Marketing Daily, next fall New Balance will launch NB Inside, a women's line of fashion sneakers.

This new line, along with a new look will feature innovative materials and comfort. "New Balance says NB Inside will sport" 'environmentally preferred materials' inside, 'using the natural cushioning, breathable, and lightweight properties of cork to provide maximum support.' The new shoes will also feature NB's ABZORB® and ABZORB® SBS shock absorbing technologies.

It's about time fashion and comfort came together to create a shoe that looks as great as it feels!