Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Balance LOVE/hate on NB Web Express

I guess you have probably already noticed the new "look" to NB Web Express. We have officially made over our site and re-vamped for "LOVE/hate this is the New Balance." You will see splashes of the signature red and inspirational messages from New Balance throughout.

But what does LOVE/hate mean anyway? What is this whole new initiative about?It means all runners/athletes LOVE running and sometimes they can hate may run because of the how it makes you feel, how you perform, what it does to your "game" but sometimes, you just can't get there. You can't get out of bed at 5AM to run in the cold, you don't want to give up that night out for a good run the next day, but you do it. And what about training for sports? Who wants to run suicides at practice when they could be throwing a 3 pointer at the buzzer. That is exactly where New Balance comes in to help. New Balance is driven to put you in the best shoes and apparel possible so jumping out of bed at 5AM is a little easier...well not that easy...but still you will have the right "tools" to make it the best run of your day.

Hope you LOVE the new look...


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