Friday, August 19, 2011

To achieve inner peace, start on the outside.

There is no doubt that the strength and power required for any yoga practice must come from within. But that doesn’t mean feeling good on the outside can’t help you deepen your inner focus. The Anue yoga line from New Balance was designed to do just that. This premium collection of yoga tops, bottoms and jackets uses organic cotton jersey, rich fleeced French terry and flexible Lycra® fabrics that offer supreme comfort and flexibility during everything from sun salutations to inverted poses.

The focus of the Anue line this season is super-soft fabrics, soothing colors and flowing graphics that mimic nature. Each piece is designed with a woman’s form in mind and can go from workout to play with ease. Wear them during your practice and after. There’s no need to change clothes. From form-fitting camis to warm hoodies and jackets, there is something for every mood or type of weather.

The detail work found in this line is just as varied. Many of the patterns were created with hand techniques that make each piece a wearable work of art. No two are exactly alike.

Performance apparel isn’t just limited to running or fitness class. The same principles can be enjoyed in your yoga practice. So slip into the Anue yoga line from New Balance today and ascend to a whole new level of peace and comfort.

-- Shoe Girl