Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Balance Camisole Bra Top

It's time to talk Sports Bras. New Balance is rolling out an incredible line of performance bra tops for women of all shapes and sizes. Now, there are more choices than just your standard cotton or spandex bra top and/or sports bra.

The New Balance Camisole Bra Top features precise cup sizing, adjustable hook and loop straps for custom comfort, and spacer cups for moisture management and modesty. But what do all of these features mean anyway?

Precise Cup Sizing: Say goodbye to small, medium and large when it comes to sports bras. Now you can find a sports bra that matches the same sizing as your everyday bra. The more accurate the fit, the better you will perform.

Adjustable Hook and Loop Straps: Make it easy to adjust the bra to fit your specific body frame. The hook and loop feature makes it easy to move and fit; so no more fumbling around with awkward latches or ill-fitting elastic.

Spacer Cups: This feature makes the camisole fit and feel like a regular bra. The cups offer fantastic support for larger busted women and some added coverage when wearing the bra alone. You should feel confident and comfortable when working out, and the camisole bra top does just that; keeps you looking and feeling good.

The camisole bra top isn't perfect for every activity or every body type. Women with a medium to larger size bust will get the best fit and feel from the camisole bra top. This top is also designed for low to medium impact activities; so, play golf, go to yoga class, walk, or even do some light jogging, but this top is not for marathon training.

More styles and fits coming soon, be sure to check back if you're in the market for your perfect fit!


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