Friday, April 4, 2008

The Non-Marking New Balance Outsole

Wood floor owners, racquetball players and gym teachers rejoice! All New Balance shoes contain Non-marking outsoles!

As the spring weather starts "budding" across the nation, now is the time to shop for athletic shoes to keep you in the game as the weather turns warmer. For some of us, that includes shopping for court shoes, or non-marking shoes for basketball courts, tennis courts, etc. While some New Balance shoes are geared specifically for racquetball courts and tennis courts, it is a relief to know that my son's stampeding around our wood floors in his New Balance kicks won't harm the finish...and my husband's NB Zip's won't either!

While you're shopping for athletic shoes this spring, don't pass up the non-marking NB's...they might just save the finish on your floors or make your fitness club happy!