Friday, December 29, 2006

Sandals-It's Not too Early to Think Spring!

With the cold weather, after Christmas sales and oversized winter jackets in the stores it's hard to think about Springtime. But, with all of the frosty thoughts aside, Spring is on the horizon and will be here before you can say "Spring cleaning."

In the spirit of warmer weather, New Balance has just released a new line of high tech sandals. A sure treat for your feet, these sandals are not just comfy but they are packed great technological features including; the C-CAP® midsole for supportive cushioning, the lightweight EVA foam midsole and durable outer construction to keep up with your adventurous outdoor lifestyle.

One of these great high tech styles was inspired by the legendary heritage running shoe; the New Balance 992.

So beat the snow and head for warmer weather; check out the just released New Balance technical sandals.
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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cold Weather: No Excuse for Getting Fit

On NBC's The Today Show Christmas Eve, New Balance Performance Outerwear was featured in a segment on gear for cold weather workouts. NB Web Express is the online retailer featured in the story. The link below will take you to the article featured on

What makes New Balance Performance outerwear so great is the design. All jackets were constructed to keep you warm and comfortable in the cold but also to keep you flexible. You won't feel heavy and sluggish in New Balance performance outerwear, but warm and ready for adventure.

New Balance knows you need more from a jacket then warmth from the cold, but you also want to look good too. New Balance didn't leave fashion out of Performance Outerwear design; flattering fit and fashionable colors are just as apparent as construction and technology.

Before you make plans for Aspen, rent your skis or take up winter weather workouts, check out New Balance Performance Outwear; it might just surprise you.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Really Big Blowout Sale

New Balance
Really Big Blowout Sale!

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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Christmas Clock is Ticking

Holidays are crazy. You're running around buying last minute gifts, scurrying through grocery store shelves and frantically cleaning your house for your holiday guests...well at least that is what's going on at my house this year. You end up getting those last minute gift recipients clearance Christmas ornaments or over-priced bath towels in desperation.

But some retailers do make it easy on you during this crazy time of year. Some offer gift pickup services, personal shoppers, and some like NB Web Express offer free express shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas. But that is only if you can place your order in time...

If you're one of those late last minute shoppers this year, e-gift certificates are the way to go.
NB Web Express e-gift certificates are always the "Perfect Fit." Your loved ones can choose their own shoes or apparel, not to mention their correct size! They are a lifesaver for last minute shoppers. Forget the craziness this time of year; relax and send e-gift certificates to those last minute gift recipients. I'm sure they will appreciate getting the "Perfect Fit" under the tree this year, not last year's Christmas ornaments.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Customer Care - Not Pushy Salespeople

Some years back, I can remember working in a highly competitive shoe store. I sold shoes, fitted feet, arranged displays, stocked shelves, rang up orders, unloaded boxes, etc. My manager encouraged me to push certain products; no matter if the customer needed them or not. Everyone was given a sales pitch when they walked in the store.

My previous manager used to hold in-store sales contests; now those were the worst and they were very cutthroat. I can remember a specific contest; the Insole Contest. Each customer no matter their age, size, or type of shoe they needed, I had to put them in an insole. My manager wanted our store to outsell all the others in this category. So I did my job, I tried one on every customer; some bought, most of them did not. And along with insoles, I was trained to oversell customers everything from embroidered socks to over-priced canvas shoes.

But when I started at NB Web Express, a whole new world of real Customer Care was introduced to me. I worked with a group of extremely knowledgeable people who genuinely wanted to give the customer the best fit and the best shoe possible for their needs; no matter if they made the sale or not. People of all ages and ailments call everyday. Each person is given the same high class treatment, not a set of insoles they don’t need.

But it’s just selling shoes…right? Wrong. Customer Care at NB Web Express is more than just selling a pair of shoes; it’s about never losing touch of what is really important. Knowledgeable staff, a friendly voice on the other end…how about someone who genuinely cares about you, not about making the sale? Non-pushy salespeople. Period. Now that is a company I want to do business with.

Cassie B.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The New Balance Blog for the Everyday Athlete

What is NB Web Express?
NB Web Express is a prominent online retailer of New Balance footwear and apparel. We not only pride ourselves on our broad inventory of hard to find sizes and widths, but also on being a knowledgeable source for the Everyday Athlete.

Who is the Everyday Athlete?
You. If you care about staying fit, healthy and ready for your everyday busy life, then you are an Everyday Athlete. Don’t think you have to be a marathoner to enjoy our Blog; whether you run 10 miles a day, play softball on the weekends or keep up with your family’s active lives; you prove yourself each moment as an Everyday Athlete.

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