Thursday, September 3, 2009

Real Life Review,
Test Period Summer 2009

In June of 2008, the owner of our local running store encouraged me to purchase a pair of New Balance 1061s. Many wonderful miles were logged in the 1061s, but after the ING Georgia Marathon I needed to put them into forced retirement. The natural choice to replace them was the 1063. I was excited to see that they had received the Runner’s World “Best Update Award.”

The first time I took the 1063s out on the road I was coming off an ankle injury. Immediately I noticed the cushion during my heel strike, giving my ankle much needed relief. They held up to monotonous running on the treadmill and proved to be a welcome companion on the road as well. With their very flexible soles, the 1063s were comfortable during my long runs—avoiding blisters was a plus! They also gripped nicely during the downhill, loose-gravel portion of a trail run.

Although I use the 1063s primarily for running, I have used them to teach step aerobics and found them to be very stable during my foot plant on and off the bench.

Finding a good replacement for my trusty pair of 1061s was a snap. The 1063s not only made me a permanent New Balance fan, but they amazed me with their versatility as well. When my feet are happy, I’m happy!

Ann Hankins
Fitness Director, Personal Trainer, and Guest Blogger