Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Balance 920 Water Shoe - Get Wet, Get Dry

In some parts of the country snow is still falling, but don't let this dreary weather get you down; spring is still coming soon.

Spring for some means enjoying the beautiful scenery, while for others it means hitting the open trails, wetlands and adventurous parks. If you are gearing up to take on the great outdoors this spring, check out the New Balance 920. The 920 is perfect for running on unpredictable wet or dry lands. If you're a trail runner and run from creeks to rocks, then the 920 could be a great shoe for you.

The 920's H2FLOW water evacuation system "allows water and sand to escape" your shoe. So, your feet feel dry faster. And the small, uncomfortable debris from creeks and rocks don't get the chance to harm your feet.

If you will be hitting the water or the rocks, try on the 920 and get back to us! We want to hear how the shoe is performing for our outdoor enthusiasts!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Balance 1061 - now on

The "buzz" stops here...the 1061 has arrived on!

Check out this excellent cushioning shoe that has been reviewed on Runner's World and is recommended for runners "with normal to high arches looking for plenty of cushioning and a firm base of support."

In order to fully experience the benefits yourself, you really have to put the 1061's on your feet.

The 1061 is flexible, comfortable and surprisingly lightweight for the cushioning it packs all together.

So, if you're looking for a little extra bounce in your step or cushion in your stride, try the 1061's.

And if you are a 1060 wearer and are a little leary about trying something new, I doubt you'll be let down with the 1061's performance.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Encore Presentation - Spirit of the Marathon

Last Chance! Due to popular demand, the gripping documentary "Spirit of the Marathon" hits 200 AMC theaters for one final night this Thursday, February 21. You can purchase tickets and view participating theaters at

The "Spirit of the Marathon" documentary follows six runners as they prepare for and ultimately face the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. All runners come from different walks of life, different ability levels and all have an incredible story about reaching their goals.

A collaboration of three-time Academy Award winner Mark-Johnathan Harris, Telly Award winner and marathon runner John Dunham, and producer/marathoner Gwendolen Twist, this documentary is not one to be missed.

You don't have to be an avid runner to enjoy the "Spirit of the Marathon;" anyone who has ever chased a dream, beat the odds or taken on a challenge should take in this great movie!

Check out this movie's riveting trailer and see what all of the hype is about. See you at the movies!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Balance and Bamboo hits FOXNews!

Retailers left and right are embracing more environmentally sound products; and New Balance is no exception. Bamboo fabric has hit the fashion scene and the public is taking notice.

FOXNews just released this article about the details of Bamboo fabric and the benefits of wearing recycled clothing, " 'Companies around the world are looking at their product lines using organic fibers to step more lightly on the planet,' says executive director LaRhea Pepper, who runs an organic-cotton farm in Texas with her husband and father."

Bamboo fabric is soft, light and very comfortable against your skin; nothing like the hard or prickly Bamboo shoots you are used to seeing in the zoo or in the Rainforest.

New Balance features a variety of men's and women's clothing designed with Bamboo fabric; so if you're looking for a "greener" choice in athletic wear, you have come to the right "tree..."


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wear Tested, Runner Approved - New Balance 800 Trail Shoe

Elizabeth Hansen; the author/owner/star of Run With Me, her incredible running blog about running, life, and running through life; wear tested the New Balance 800's for NB Web Express.

Elizabeth is not only a great runner, but she also is a regular pacer for marathons and other races. She has seriously dabbled in the world of ultra-running with a few 50K's under her belt. In addition to running, Elizabeth regularly volunteers to work in aid stations during marathons and other ultra races, so she has seen both sides of the running world.

Our wear tester ran a 24 mile race in ice and snow, 7.5 miles in the Phoenix heat and desert terrain, then another icy 50K in Cleveland, Ohio. She put the 800's through the ringer, and they came out ahead! She said, "The tongue (off the 800) is built in to prevent dirt getting in, and they feel super light, yet have a ton of traction. I love a minimal yet efficient shoe so I had high hopes for these."

She was also pleased that after one of the ultra-races, the pair held up to extreme conditions,
"The 800's did a great job out on the course and my feet felt no worse for wear after the 50k."

Read the rest of her review on her blog.

You should stick around to read more from Elizabeth, there is still more to come!


Monday, February 4, 2008

New Balance 768 has arrived!

Attention all of you 767 wearers! The New Balance 768 is here on I own a pair of the 767's; actually they were my first official pair of New Balance shoes I purchased at I had worn neutral cushioning shoes for years thinking I had a flawless running gait with no need for extra support. I completely ignored the small pains in my knees and back; I just wrote those discomforts off as "getting older" or "running too hard" or whatever.
But as it turns out, I needed more support. The 767's were perfect for me since they were supportive but not "clunky." I still had that "light" feeling in my toes as I ran.

But, you may wonder, (and I did as well) what makes the 768 different from the 767? Why fix what isn’t broken, right? The 768 has more room in the toe box; so if your feet tend to move in the shoe or your toes tend to feel a little scrunched, this new fit adjusts the feeling. The new N-Durance® Heel Crash Pad also gives a better fit in the heel area, giving you more comfort and shock absorption. You can still count on the comfort and cushioning you've grown accustomed to with the 767, but you now have some added updates to make your running experience even more enjoyable.

So, if you love the 767's, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the 768's. The new features will keep your feet comfortable and well supported so you can concentrate on the miles ahead!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Interview with New Balance - Worldwide Goals

One of my colleagues here at sent me this extremely detailed interview with three Product Managers from New Balance: one from Japan, one from the United States, and one from EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa). The interview comes from, a "street fashion" website that discusses the latest news in up and coming fashion.

This article is long, however the details and perspectives of these professionals should keep you reading. It's very interesting to see points of view from three different areas of the globe, and it's amazing to read about how audience directly influences the New Balance brand.

Each area of the world has a specific goal, need and focus; it's up to New Balance to discover the challenges and overcome them. It's a good read for a "snowy" weekend here in the midwest.