Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take 69 seconds today to #fightbreastcancer

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year we're doing a little something special to kick it off. If you're reading this blog post today, September 30, you may notice that our beloved Shop New Balance website is a little. . . pink.

It took Susan G. Komen for the Cure CEO and Founder, Nancy G. Brinker, approximately 69 seconds to promise her sister, Susan G. Komen, she would do everything in her power to #fightbreastcancer. What can you promise to do in the next 69 seconds at

Why 69 seconds?
Every 69 seconds, a woman dies of breast cancer somewhere in the world. Breast cancer will strike 1.3 million women this year and kill almost 500,000, making it the leading cancer killer of women worldwide – a fact we’re trying to change with the help of others. 69 seconds is about how long it takes to visit and make a promise to drive change by signing a petition to make breast cancer a global priority as a UN millennium goal and educate yourself and others about breast cancer.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Real-Life Review,
Anue Yoga Apparel

Since I've been practicing yoga for over ten years, I was excited as anything when New Balance debuted the new Anue Yoga apparel collection. Designed to make your yoga experience as comfortable as possible, this apparel line is made with environmentally preferred materials and features design details that help make sure you look good in any posture. It's great for Pilates, too. I was especially intrigued by Anue Yoga because the designers really do know how yogis and yoginis move, and the collection has all sorts of little touches that prove that—like tank tops and camis that have longer hems so your bare back doesn't show when you're in Child's Pose or Downward-Facing Dog. Or piecing on the back of the Spree Capri that forms a lovely eastern architecture-inspired shape that just happens to help make you look slimmer!

Recently I got a pair of capri pants from the Anue Yoga line that have absolutely blown me away. The Devi Crop Flare Pant has the stylish flare at the hemline that I always look for in a capri, plus it has the slimming graphic seaming on the back yoke that reminds me of a lovely Moroccan archway. What I didn't expect is the waistband, which both puzzles and astounds me. I have no idea how they do this, but my pants don't move an inch, regardless of what pose I'm in or how hard I'm working out. These capris have been through hour after hour of both Pilates and yoga, and the waistband stays put and stays comfortable(!) no matter what I do. I'm so pleased. Also, I stay dry: the moisture-wicking fabric totally works. And knowing that the clothes I'm wearing are made from recycled materials is just icing on my proverbial gluten-free cake. In summary, these capris have me very excited to try out more Anue apparel in the yoga studio, at Pilates class, and even in my living room while I practice with the latest Rodney Yee yoga video. Next on my list are the Suzani Racerback bra top and the delicious Ummi Wrap. (How can I say "no" to the softest organic cotton I've ever touched?) Check in with me in a couple of weeks, when I give you the details and my final opinion.

Reza Armstrong
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