Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Balance 920 Water Shoe - Get Wet, Get Dry

In some parts of the country snow is still falling, but don't let this dreary weather get you down; spring is still coming soon.

Spring for some means enjoying the beautiful scenery, while for others it means hitting the open trails, wetlands and adventurous parks. If you are gearing up to take on the great outdoors this spring, check out the New Balance 920. The 920 is perfect for running on unpredictable wet or dry lands. If you're a trail runner and run from creeks to rocks, then the 920 could be a great shoe for you.

The 920's H2FLOW water evacuation system "allows water and sand to escape" your shoe. So, your feet feel dry faster. And the small, uncomfortable debris from creeks and rocks don't get the chance to harm your feet.

If you will be hitting the water or the rocks, try on the 920 and get back to us! We want to hear how the shoe is performing for our outdoor enthusiasts!


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