Friday, February 18, 2011

A new way to squeeze the most out of every workout.

The New Balance compression line
offers sleeveless and long sleeve tops
as well as shorts and tights.
There’s no question that having the right tools for your workout is essential to improving performance. If you want to increase your speed, run in lighter shoes. Need to stay dry? Wear moisture-wicking clothing. Protect yourself on the road? Ensure your footwear and clothing is reflective. But what if you’re just looking for a slight advantage that could help you workout longer? Compression apparel could be the answer.

Though there are differing opinions on the benefits this type of apparel may offer, many athletes--from runners to weightlifters to walkers--have found it helps them workout longer and recover faster.

New Balance compression apparel is designed with strategically placed seams that gently support the muscles to reduce vibration and help increase blood flow and oxygen to those targeted areas. It doesn’t promise a drastic difference in performance, but many who use it regularly say that they have found that it reduces fatigue during and after the workout.

Outside of the potential health benefits, a large part of the appeal of New Balance compression apparel is its streamlined, modern look. The seams help highlight the muscle groups you’re working, helping you focus your concentration to get more out of each movement.

The New Balance compression line also features advanced technology that makes it attractive. Lightning Dry fabric keeps you comfortable and cool while Jacquard knit in key heat zones helps regulate body temperature.

Try it out today and let me know what you think. Post your review of the New Balance Compression apparel line to this blog.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

-- Shoe Girl

Monday, February 7, 2011

Want to seriously improve your time?
Take a tip from the pros and lighten up!

Running is serious business. There’s a lot you have to put in if you want to succeed. But sometimes the best way to improve has more to do with removing what you don’t need. That’s the thinking that went into the design of the new 890. Created with input from two members of Team New Balance, Andy Baddeley and Jenny Barringer, it eliminates what you don’t need and reduces the weight of what you do.

What it has that you need: Cushioning, support and stability. You don’t have to sacrifice any of it in this shoe. It’s light without being minimal.

What was eliminated: Things you won’t even miss. The 890 uses a revolutionary new foam compound called REVlite that is 30% lighter than comparable foams, but performs just as well. Diamond-shaped cutouts on the midsole reduce the weight of the shoe and assists with transitions. Even the stitching on the upper was removed in place of lightweight, seamless, molded construction making it the lightest shoe in its class.

Technology is good. But sometimes it’s the absence of it is that can make you better. If you want to run faster, take a tip from the pros. Run lighter in the 890 with REVlite.

-- Shoe Girl