Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wear Testers - Trust Runners, Not the Hype

When searching for the perfect running shoe, you have to consider all factors involved; your running gait, specific needs, past injuries, foot ailments, terrain, price range, etc. At NB Web Express, our Wear Testers have gone the distance in select running shoes and have offered their different levels of expertise in critiquing popular running styles. So, you just don't have to believe the hype, you can take another runner's word for it:

Tom our veteran runner, has been running for over 30 years. He started running in high school; he competed in both cross country and track. He continued to run competitively all through college, for training he ran as many as 90 miles a week. After college graduation, he competed in many road races typically 5K's and 10K's. He has only attempted one marathon; the St. Louis Marathon in 1985 with a finishing time of 2:29:42. He currently runs about 10 miles a week for fun and exercise; he does not run competitively anymore. His favorite running shoes have always been classified as ‘cushioning’ since his running gait is considered neutral.

Cassie has been running for almost 12 years, 4 of them competitively, although she recently started seriously running again to get back in shape after having her first child. She runs approximately 9-12 miles a week; both indoors and outdoors. She will be running her first competitive 5K race in 9 years this coming April. Cassie's favorite running shoes are supportive cushioning, she needs the extra support in the midfoot area for additional stability. She is the copywriter at NB Web Express.

In the last few months, our Wear Testers have added popular New Balance running shoes to their running workout regime. Reviews of popular styles such as the New Balance 755 and 767, will be coming soon to this Blog. Performance apparel will also be reviewed in the coming weeks. Check this Blog regularly to find out the latest scoop on New Balance running gear. Just remember; trust runners, not the hype. Visit NB Web Expressfor the latest New Balance gear!