Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Balance Cross Trainers

We have talked a lot about New Balance running shoes in this blog: how they fit, the types of terrain they are perfect for, what type of shoe is right for you, etc. But we have completely left out an entire category of New Balance shoes; Cross Trainers.

When I am in a shoe store, I tend to skim right past the cross trainers. After all, what can I do with them anyway? I mean, I typically run, occasionally lift weights, really what is the need? But in actuality, if you are adding some cross training workouts to your routine (biking, lifting, elliptical trainers, etc.) a cross trainer might not be a bad idea for you. There are even some cross trainers that you can actually run 3 miles in, or do some light jogging.

One of the most versatile cross trainers is the men's or women's New Balance 747. The 747 is very lightweight but still offers support for off-track activities. While I would not recommend running a marathon in the 747, a short run on the track or treadmill (under 3 miles) would be perfectly fine.

If you are an athlete with a diverse weekly routine, maybe give a cross trainer a shot if you have not already, it could surprise you. A cross trainer could save you from a mad scramble to change your shoes.


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