Thursday, September 3, 2009

Real Life Review,
Test Period Summer 2009

In June of 2008, the owner of our local running store encouraged me to purchase a pair of New Balance 1061s. Many wonderful miles were logged in the 1061s, but after the ING Georgia Marathon I needed to put them into forced retirement. The natural choice to replace them was the 1063. I was excited to see that they had received the Runner’s World “Best Update Award.”

The first time I took the 1063s out on the road I was coming off an ankle injury. Immediately I noticed the cushion during my heel strike, giving my ankle much needed relief. They held up to monotonous running on the treadmill and proved to be a welcome companion on the road as well. With their very flexible soles, the 1063s were comfortable during my long runs—avoiding blisters was a plus! They also gripped nicely during the downhill, loose-gravel portion of a trail run.

Although I use the 1063s primarily for running, I have used them to teach step aerobics and found them to be very stable during my foot plant on and off the bench.

Finding a good replacement for my trusty pair of 1061s was a snap. The 1063s not only made me a permanent New Balance fan, but they amazed me with their versatility as well. When my feet are happy, I’m happy!

Ann Hankins
Fitness Director, Personal Trainer, and Guest Blogger

Monday, April 20, 2009

Great Shoes for Spring

Well, NB Web Express fans, April’s already halfway over, and spring sports are everywhere! From the baseball field to the tread mill, everyone’s shaking off the heavy cold of the winter and warming up to the idea of spending more time in the great outdoors. For some, that means a new pair of cleats and some new 904’s for training runs. For others, the amazing new 909 trail runners will fit all of their needs as they run with Rex through the park, and others will grab the new 1010 cross trainers and go “Feel the burn!” in aerobics class. We really do have something for everyone.

Speaking of something for everyone, there’s a shoe I’m especially excited about. The new 645 cheer shoe is available in both women’s and grade school girls’ sizes, and wow, has it gotten a lot of positive buzz! The customizable color inserts come in 10 different colors so you can cheer on your team in style. Whether you’re practicing or performing, in cheer or poms, tumbling and stunting or just standing on the sidelines, this is absolutely the perfect shoe for you. Plus, it’s a New Balance shoe, so of course it’s comfortable, and the name means you’re also in for great shock absorption and durability. Check it out today!

I’m signing off for now, but I’ll check in again soon. Customer ratings and reviews are coming to the site, so keep an eye out for the opportunity to review your favorite styles! I’ll also be bringing you personal stories from some of our customers who have something to say about their experience with us. Email me at if you’d like to tell me your tale of how NB Web Express made a difference to you, whether it was through one of our employees, a special way we delivered a product to you, or just to tell us that you’re glad we’re here. And if you’re out there and you’ve already sent us a letter, thank you! I’ve really enjoyed reading your experiences, and I’m so glad you decided to share.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Balance 1063 - Runner's World Best Update Spring 2009

The New Balance 1063 just got the “Best Update” Award from Runner’s World Magazine in their 2009 Spring Shoe Guide. This is great news for runners especially those who already know and love the 1062.

So, what makes the 1063 a winner? This premium trainer shoe is built for performance and is first rate for a cushioned ride. The Abzorb® DTS cushioning boasts a softer heel strike. And the Abzorb® FL is extra cushy on the midsole while the upper hugs your feet just right. The 1063 is less bulky in the forefoot, lighter weight, and maintains the N-LOCK® lacing system to ensure a snug fit through the arch. The new colors available in men’s and women’s styles are fun too!

If you’re ready to step up from the 1062 or looking for a training shoe with great flexibility, support and ultimate cushioning, you’ll LOVE the 1063s. Check out this awesome winner right here on NB Web Express. Let us know if you take a run in them, we want to hear how they work out for you!
-- Julie