Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ChiRunning® and the New Balance 800

A new craze has hit the running world, ChiRunning®, the practice of combining T'ai Chi with high mileage training, is one of the newest trends. ChiRunning® or Mid-foot strike running, is most accredited for decreasing shock to knees and joints, creating a more comfortable ride. This practice takes discipline, especially if you are a forefoot or heel striker.

According to an article released by http://www.snewsnet.com/, ChiRunning® "employs the balance, alignment, and fluidity found in T’ai Chi, with running to create stride mechanics that reduce injury and create a more energy-efficient movement."

With this new running trend, comes a new running shoe to go with it. New Balance is currently the only athletic shoe brand having developed a shoe specifically for ChiRunning®. From the SNEWS article, “The 800 mid-foot strike shoe addresses the biomechanics and performance needs of mid-foot strikers,” says Sean Murphy, advanced products engineering manager at New Balance. “Each attribute and feature was carefully researched, tested, and retested to meet the specific performance needs of these athletes.”

Attention mid-foot strikers! We want to hear from you. The 800 has actually hit our site and we'd love to know how it performs. Or if you are practicing ChiRunning®, let us know how it's going...how do you feel?


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Balance 840

What shoe do you choose if you're an extreme terrain runner with a neutral running gait? But wait, you still want something that looks snazzy and performs just as great? The New Balance 840 trail running shoe just hit the site and it looks pretty incredible.

I am one of those runners that needs good traction when they start a run. I want a shoe that will make my feet feel secure. What if you hit a rocky area on your run? Or what if the terrain is unpredictable? What if it's 100 plus degrees outside and your feet start to sweat uncontrollably? If you have smooth outsole, you may not feel as "safe" and any shoe without moisture managing features will leave your feet with blisters. The 840 gives incredible traction with its N-Grip outsole, plus the PHANTOM LINER on the inside of the shoe will keep your feet comfy in the heat.

Any ultra runners out there? What do you do to keep your feet comfortable? Would you say traction is the most important? Let us know your thoughts...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

The New Full Length Zips

If you’re a big fan of the New Balance Zips, you’ll LOVE the new 1306 Full Length Zip Running Shoe and the new 1315 Full Length Zip Cross Training Shoe. These styles are just in and they’re smokin’ hot!

What makes them on fire you might ask? The biggest change is the NB Zip responsive cushioning technology that is now full length instead of just the heel. So you get the powerful “heel to toe” energy for an added burst to heat up your runs and training. And, the removable full-length insert with ABZORB® cushioning and BIOCOOL® mesh upper will keep your feet cool and comfortable for a soft ride.

Some of the same great features from previous Zip styles are carried over, too. The ACTEVA™ LITE premium lightweight midsole foam keeps you light on your feet for your lengthy journeys. And, the N-Durance® rubber compound helps your shoes last even longer.

The new extended Zips are perfect for the athlete looking for a cutting edge design who wants to go faster, stronger and longer. If you take a run in these new Zips and they ignite your energy, tell us about them. We want to hear from you!

-- Julie

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Balance Sesame Street Collection

new balance sesame street collectionYou can take just one look at these cute shoes and know kids will love wearing them! Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch - three of the most adorable Sesame Street characters shine in this great new collection!

As a sponsor of Sesame Workshop, New Balance introduces these new kicks designed on the 574 Classic Running Shoe. They're all sure to be favorites! With googly eyes and a soft blue fur liner, Cookie Monster is yummy. Elmo's contagious smile stands out and his red fuzzy liner will make kids laugh. On grouchy days or happy ones, Oscar's soft green suede upper and peeking eyes make him a winner.

These fun styles are also designed to be comfy so kids can play in them all day long. They come in multiple widths for Infant, Pre-School and Grade School sizes. For a closer look, check them out here at NBwebexpress.com. Let us know what you and your kids think of them!