Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cold Weather: No Excuse for Getting Fit

On NBC's The Today Show Christmas Eve, New Balance Performance Outerwear was featured in a segment on gear for cold weather workouts. NB Web Express is the online retailer featured in the story. The link below will take you to the article featured on

What makes New Balance Performance outerwear so great is the design. All jackets were constructed to keep you warm and comfortable in the cold but also to keep you flexible. You won't feel heavy and sluggish in New Balance performance outerwear, but warm and ready for adventure.

New Balance knows you need more from a jacket then warmth from the cold, but you also want to look good too. New Balance didn't leave fashion out of Performance Outerwear design; flattering fit and fashionable colors are just as apparent as construction and technology.

Before you make plans for Aspen, rent your skis or take up winter weather workouts, check out New Balance Performance Outwear; it might just surprise you.