Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Balance 840

What shoe do you choose if you're an extreme terrain runner with a neutral running gait? But wait, you still want something that looks snazzy and performs just as great? The New Balance 840 trail running shoe just hit the site and it looks pretty incredible.

I am one of those runners that needs good traction when they start a run. I want a shoe that will make my feet feel secure. What if you hit a rocky area on your run? Or what if the terrain is unpredictable? What if it's 100 plus degrees outside and your feet start to sweat uncontrollably? If you have smooth outsole, you may not feel as "safe" and any shoe without moisture managing features will leave your feet with blisters. The 840 gives incredible traction with its N-Grip outsole, plus the PHANTOM LINER on the inside of the shoe will keep your feet comfy in the heat.

Any ultra runners out there? What do you do to keep your feet comfortable? Would you say traction is the most important? Let us know your thoughts...


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