Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For winter running, bring on the heat—MegaHeat®.

NBx Windblocker Jacket 

Cold weather running…you either love it or hate it. If you love it, you long for those cold winter months when you don’t have to worry about sunburn or excessive heat. But even if the cold isn’t your thing, you can stay warm and enjoy a good winter run, IF you have the right gear.

It’s all about layering and staying dry. MegaHeat® from NewBalance, a new technology used in their premium running apparel, can help protect you against the chill of cold winter months. It wicks away moisture, ensuring the fabric stays comfortable and dry against your skin. Even more amazing, it’s lightweight and breathable. Not what you’d expect from apparel that keeps you so warm!

You’ll find the MegaHeat® technology in New Balance several styles, for both men and women: the Megaheat Half-Zip pullover, Megaheat Competitor Long Sleeve top, Megaheat Competitor Pant for men and Megaheat Everyday Pant for women.

For additional warmth, add an outer layer. The New Balance NBx Windblocker Jacket is a good choice. It’s windproof, waterproof and features Lightning Dry® fabric to wick away moisture. Top it off with the New Balance NBx Emissive Skull Cap and you’ll be ready for any weather.

When you’re shopping for your cold weather outfit, whether base layers or outerwear, make sure the fabric that touches your skin has technology that will keep you dry. MegaHeat® or Lightning Dry® from New Balance are two great options. They’ll make you almost look forward to that next cold snap!

-- Shoe Girl

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The 860v2: One of the few times a sequel is better than the original!

When the new New Balance 860 Running shoe debuted earlier this year, replacing the 760, runners were impressed. And they had reason to be. For those seeking moderate stability, it delivered the support and cushioning needed. Now there’s even more to celebrate. New Balance has found a way to improve upon perfection with the release of the New Balance 860v2.

Assembled in the USA, this stability runner offers a combination of premium cushioning with New Balance’s proprietary N-ERGY® in the heel, ACTEVATM LITE in the midsole and ABZORB® in the in the forefoot.  Combined with a dual density medial post and Stability Web®, it also delivers the moderate stability to keep you moving confidently.

New Balance 860v2 - online exclusive
The critics seem to agree about the many merits of this exceptional shoe. The 860v2 was named “Editor’s Choice” in the December 2011 issue of Runner’s World.

From Runner’s World: “A well-cushioned and flexible shoe that gets all the basics right, the 860 layers lots of foam padding underneath the foot and snugly wraps the arch with an elegant upper design that accommodates an expansive toebox. New Balance reconfigured the support components in the sole to create a soft yet stable landing that's ideal for high-mileage workouts. It's the rare instance when a shoe's $10 price increase is justified. We recommend it as a workhorse shoe for heel-strikers and beginners.”

The New Balance 860v2 won’t hit stores and sites in early 2012, however, Shop New Balance is one of a select few retailers who can offer it early. Be one of the first to own it by visiting

You’ll find a men’s and women’s version in silver and blue, as well as a tribute shoe to the NY City Marathon featuring bold taxicab colors. Whichever you choose, you’ll be glad you added this premium shoe to your running routine!

-- Shoe Girl

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Balance Hi-viz– the apparel to be seen in.

A burst of color on the sleeve. An arresting stripe on the leg. While they may get you noticed during your run, those bold color bursts you’ll find on New Balance apparel are not just for show. They serve an important purpose – to help you be seen.

Hi-Viz accents are built into many items in the new NBx running apparel line. Combined with other reflective accents, they could help improve your visibility to others in low light conditions.

Look for tops in Vibrant Yellow for men, like the NewBalance’s men’s Icefil® Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Top and NPShort Sleeve Top which provide front and back reflectivity. The men’s NBx Windblocker Tight and NP 9” Running Short also feature this attention-getting color.

In women’s, hot pink accents provide the same benefit. This bold and bright color can be found in the women’s NBX 2” short, NBx WeldedHalf-Zip, NBx Windblocker pant, NBx Welded Capri and NBx Adaptor Short Sleeve top.

But hi-viz accents aren’t just reserved for apparel. They’re also in many accessories, too – a big advantage during color weather running. From the Hatchback NB glove to New Balance Icy Arm Sleeves, vibrant yellow and shocking pink accents are hard to miss.

The Tri-Viz Running Cap is another low-light running favorite. In addition to hi-viz accents, it is built with powerful LED lights that light the path ahead.

And, like all New Balance running apparel and accessories, each piece is designed with moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you comfortable throughout your workout.

So the next time you’re admiring that color pop on your favorite apparel, feel good knowing it’s also working to help you stand out on the track or trail.

View the entire collection of reflective and hi-viz apparel now.

-- Shoe Girl