Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Balance and Bamboo hits FOXNews!

Retailers left and right are embracing more environmentally sound products; and New Balance is no exception. Bamboo fabric has hit the fashion scene and the public is taking notice.

FOXNews just released this article about the details of Bamboo fabric and the benefits of wearing recycled clothing, " 'Companies around the world are looking at their product lines using organic fibers to step more lightly on the planet,' says executive director LaRhea Pepper, who runs an organic-cotton farm in Texas with her husband and father."

Bamboo fabric is soft, light and very comfortable against your skin; nothing like the hard or prickly Bamboo shoots you are used to seeing in the zoo or in the Rainforest.

New Balance features a variety of men's and women's clothing designed with Bamboo fabric; so if you're looking for a "greener" choice in athletic wear, you have come to the right "tree..."


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