Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ChiRunning® and the New Balance 800

A new craze has hit the running world, ChiRunning®, the practice of combining T'ai Chi with high mileage training, is one of the newest trends. ChiRunning® or Mid-foot strike running, is most accredited for decreasing shock to knees and joints, creating a more comfortable ride. This practice takes discipline, especially if you are a forefoot or heel striker.

According to an article released by http://www.snewsnet.com/, ChiRunning® "employs the balance, alignment, and fluidity found in T’ai Chi, with running to create stride mechanics that reduce injury and create a more energy-efficient movement."

With this new running trend, comes a new running shoe to go with it. New Balance is currently the only athletic shoe brand having developed a shoe specifically for ChiRunning®. From the SNEWS article, “The 800 mid-foot strike shoe addresses the biomechanics and performance needs of mid-foot strikers,” says Sean Murphy, advanced products engineering manager at New Balance. “Each attribute and feature was carefully researched, tested, and retested to meet the specific performance needs of these athletes.”

Attention mid-foot strikers! We want to hear from you. The 800 has actually hit our site and we'd love to know how it performs. Or if you are practicing ChiRunning®, let us know how it's going...how do you feel?