Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don’t forget the accessories!

They may be the last thing you think of when you’re putting together a running outfit, but without them, you just couldn’t get the job done. Accessories…the often overlooked, but much needed, advantage every athlete needs.

Think about it. How many runners do you know that would give up their favorite socks? (Unless the shoe called for it, like the NB Miminus, of course!) Many would be lost without their sports monitors. Not to mention the unmentionables – the active underwear that supports you along the way.

Because accessories do play such an important role in athletes’ success, New Balance has infused theirs with a lot of the technology and thoughtful attention to detail that you’d find in any of their running shoes or apparel.

New Balance started as an insole company, so they know a lot about helping athletes succeed, from the ground up. It all starts with getting the right fit. Whether you need extra cushioning or additional arch support to combat Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Metatarsalgia or other foot conditions, New Balance offers an insole that may provide relief.

The sock line is just as comprehensive with moisture-wick technology, compression fit and diabetic options to choose from.

Lacing can also make a difference in your run. Bubble laces feature a wave-like pattern that help them stay tied on a long run. Or if you prefer no ties at all, New Balance offers Yankz laces as an alternative. A modern approach to keeping shoes in place, this fun stretch cord system offers a worry-free, secure fit.

Protection for your eyes is just as important and New Balance has a great assortment of sunglasses to keep yours covered, from polarized options to reduce glare to interchangeable lenses that let you choose your level of protection.

And, if you’re a runner who likes to be inspired by music while you run, New Balance headphones will keep you company. Choose from over-the-ear styles, ear bugs and more.

So when building your next workout outfit, you may want to seriously consider the accessories that complement it.  From insoles to active underwear, they could just offer you the advantage you need to beat your personal best!

-- Shoe Girl