Monday, April 28, 2008

Komen for the Cure® - Peggy Bryant

On, every few months or so we feature a new survivor on our Lace Up for the Cure® collection web page. When I first read Peggy Bryant's story entry for this month, I was floored. Her incredible tale of survival literally brought me to tears at my desk. Peggy also happens to be the Survivor Chair for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® Quad Cities.

Peggy's story is not only hopeful for cancer patients, but is also very honest. She talks of her fears, hopes, and dreams for her future as not only a Breast Cancer Survivor but as a wife and mother. Her battle with cancer was much more than a "one time" shot or experience, she was actually diagnosed with cancer two times; the second time she was diagnosed the cancer spread to her liver. She re-tells her sometimes scary and uncertain story with incredible strength.

During a speech Peggy gave about being a Survivor, she spoke about what the word 'survivor' actually means. There is a dictionary definition but there also is the "real" definition of a survivor. She asks "Am I a survivor because I have outlived some of my friends, or is there something more?" Peggy Bryant goes beyond a "Survivor", she is an inspiration to all.

Thank you Peggy!

(Peggy pictured above with her husband, Kelly; photo by Greg Boll)


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