Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Support your Arches and they will Support you!

Experiencing foot pain? Johnnie, one of our veteran Customer Care Specialists, has extensive experience working with foot problems and different types of arch supports. Over-pronation is one of the leading causes of foot discomfort. Your feet are the base and support for your whole skeleton. As you step down your arch flexes and stretches to accommodate the rolling motion of heel to toe. Adding an arch support to a shoe will roll the foot up into the correct position. As a result, unnecessary pressure will be lifted off your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

Johnnie's personal experience with foot ailments started back when she worked for a local shoe store. She was required to wear slip-on dress shoes for hours. These uncomfortable shoes had no support and wreaked havoc on her feet, knees, and lower back. She tried an arch support for extra cushioning and comfort, and after a week of wearing them, the pain started to ease up. Keep in mind at first the arch support may hurt a little, but after they are broken in and your feet get used to them, they will help.

So, are Arch Supports right for you? Over-pronators, people who tend to work longer hours on their feet, or those who have current foot/knee problems could benefit from an arch support.

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