Thursday, October 13, 2011

From plastic bottle to a shoe with personality. Reimagine Recycling with newSKY.

Wait! Before you throw out that plastic water bottle, consider this possibility...Rather than condemning it to sit in an already overloaded landfill, give it a second life as part of a New Balance shoe.

Founded on the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, the New Balance newSKY is made entirely from Eco-fi – a high quality polyester manufactured from 95% PET plastic bottles. On average, approximately eight bottles creates one pair of newSKY shoes. (Based on 20oz recycled PET bottles.) That’s eight fewer bottles to take up space in a landfill.

Take just one look at the newSKY and you’ll quickly see that environmental benefits are just one of its many charms. It has a contemporary look that makes going casual all the more fun with some styles featuring pops of color on the outsole.

Its lightweight feel will also impress you with the women’s version weighing in a just 4.1 oz and the men’s version at 5.5 oz. Though it’s strictly a lifestyle shoe, designed for casual wear, the New Balance newSKY design borrows elements from the NB Minimus, using a less is more approach to shoe design. The shoe is built on the NB Minimus last and utilizes the same minimal outsole.

The result is a shoe that looks and feels great. And makes you feel good about wearing it!

Whether you decide to own them for looks, comfort or to make a difference, the newSKY is sure to quickly become one of your favorite shoes. Order your pair online now at Shop New Balance.

-- Shoe Girl

*Every pair of newSKY incorporates an average of 8 PET plastic bottles into the upper materials.

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