Monday, July 26, 2010

Using the 1210 for Group Exercise Classes

Sometimes as fitness professionals, we need to be reminded to practice what we preach. One of the first things I tell new participants in my classes is to make sure they have a good pair of cross-training shoes. However, for the last few years I have been teaching step and conditioning classes in my running shoes! While I must say that I felt my running shoes did an adequate job, I noticed an immediate difference the first time I taught a step class in the New Balance 1210s.

The heel cushioning that the 1210s provide, especially during a forceful foot plant off the step, is exceptional. The other cross-training function the 1210s provides is to prevent your foot/ankle from rolling. During group exercise classes like Zumba, step and conditioning, there are so many connected motions that consequently your feet and ankles get a real workout. Many times conditioning classes include activites like sprints, shuffles and running laps, and the 1210s feel like a running shoe during these activities. In a later post, I will discuss using the 1210s to do small distance running (e.g., training for your first 5k).

So if you've been just "getting by" with your running shoes instead of purchasing cross-trainers, make the switch now. You'll be glad you did.

Ann Hankins
Fitness Director, Personal Trainer, and Guest Blogger

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