Friday, December 21, 2007

Helping the Homeless get back on their Feet

Anne Mahlum of Philadelphia is not your ordinary 27-year-old marathon runner. While she is dedicated to increasing her mileage and hitting her PR, she is also dedicated to helping local homeless men get back on their more ways than one. Anne started a Running Club for homeless men in her community. She even asked local businesses to donate clothing and shoes so her runners would have what they needed, "and the support that I received back is so astonishing," she said. Right away she had nine runners join her club.

Her club grew, and more and more men signed up. Soon, the group evolved into more than just a club, but a tight knit community, "this circle that we had just kept growing and growing, and the smiles got bigger, the hugs got tighter, and we started to develop this team, this family," Mahlum said.

As the weeks passed, the members of her club started to gain more than just health benefits, they gained a sense of freedom and increased mental health as well.

According to the article, the Back on My Feet homeless running club has jogged 3,335 miles so far.

This is the time of year to remember those less fortunate. Who would ever have thought that a hobby would turn into such an incredible cause, and improve the lives of homeless people. Anne's story shows us that if you share your passion with others, you can drastically change lives.

Happy Holidays!


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