Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Balance Winter Running Gear

It seems like only yesterday I was posting on how to stay cool in the heat and now winter is around the corner.

Cold weather, snow and ice are no longer excuses for a lack of running this season. So, as the temperature drops, think of it as a new opportunity! A new way to run and workout even though the weather may be less than spectacular.

Colder weather means 'new gear' to most runners and New Balance will not leave you in the cold.

Here are a few new additions to the NB Web Express site made just for winter running:

New Balance 921 - Winter Trail Running Shoe (pictured above)

Traction where and when you need it the most, the 921 features removable spikes to help with those slick surfaces and snowy hills. The BIOSHIELD® upper gives great weather protection. I can see this shoe performing well during high mileage runs on unexpected terrain or snowy/hilly trails.

Thermal Max Jacket
Made for men and women, the Thermal Max jacket features a cozy fleece interior and reflective outer layer for safety. This jacket will hold in warmth as you run. Think of wearing this jacket over a long sleeve performance tee or insulated top.

Thermal Max Pant
Ultimate winter running pant designed for men and women with Thermal Max fabrication to hold in warmth. Pair it with the Thermal Max Jacket and stay cozy. You could even wear over running tights for maximum warmth if the conditions call for it.

XT Running Glove

Your hands will stay far from chilly in these technical gloves. The warm insulated fabric construction will keep your hands from freezing up, plus the high density gel on the palms will give nice traction; they will keep your hands from slipping so you can open a water bottle or tie a shoe with ease.

These were just a few of the winter weather items New Balance has come out with for the season. More will surely come as temperatures continue to drop.

Stay warm out there!


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