Friday, October 5, 2007

The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon - This Sunday

Well, the marathon is just 2 days away and from the looks of the weather reports, it may be a little warm. It is looking to be 86-88 degrees and partly sunny for race day in Chicago.

In our previous blog posts, we discussed some tips on how to keep cool in warmer weather, read up on them before you leave. Make sure to dress for the warmer weather; lightweight tees, running shorts, and perhaps even moisture managing socks could do the trick as it heats up.
Oh, and don't forget to stay hydrated! That may seem obvious but as the excitement builds, you may forget to grab your water bottle. The aid stations are your friends!

But don't let the warmer than usual weather put a damper on your run, just run your best, run safe, and have fun out there.

Marathoners...please feel free to post your marathon stories here, we would love to share in your experiences of the big day. Our in-house marathoners, Nick, Kevin and Shawn are sure to return next week with amazing stories.

Good Luck to Everyone!


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