Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Balance Connections - Live Chat with Kathy Butler

So, last night New Balance Connections held another live chat with Team New Balance marathoner Kathy Butler from the U.K. The most popular questions had to do with pacing for a marathon: how to find your ideal pace, what workouts are best for pacing, etc. Kathy recommended training with other runners that share your same pace, track workouts and tempo runs. She also said that pacing has a lot more to do with distance, meaning the distance you run for your workout will determine your pace. These were definitely popular suggestions, but still nice to know a pro agrees!

There was also a question about the benefits of trail running vs. road/track running. Trail running will give you more scenery and distraction for the run, while road running gives you a more "race" kind of feel. More likely than not, marathons are mapped out on paved roads.

The next Live Chat will be held September 11 at 8:00 PM CST. This chat will be hosted by Dennis Linehan, the New Balance Pace Team Coordinator of the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. He will be answering questions about marathon training and tapering in the last weeks.


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