Monday, August 20, 2007

5 Facts About Your New Balance Blogger

There are a handful of running blogs I read regularly, and lately some of these authors have completed a "running" list of interesting facts about themselves; some facts are running related and others are not. This gave me the inspiration to post some facts about yours truly.

Here are five facts about your New Balance blogger:
  • I run because heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes run in my family. For me running has been a way to keep everything in check.
  • In my high school yearbook I said I wanted to be an Aerobics Instructor or an Actress when I graduated from I am a Copywriter...who knew?
  • I cannot run on weekday mornings, I HAVE to run in the evenings during the week.
  • I own 5 pairs of New Balance running shoes. I highly recommend the 767's.
  • Recently, I just got my first MP3 player, a whole new world of running with music has just opened up!

Have five fun facts about you and/or your running quirks? Post 'em here. There is inspiration everywhere!


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