Thursday, July 26, 2007

What are those 'bumpy' laces?

There is nothing worse than laces coming undone during a race. There are many types of laces out there that can help your shoes stayed tied tight.

New Balance has a remedy for those annoying 'lace' mishaps, it's called Sure Lace™. If any runners/readers out there own the New Balance 825s, you already own shoes with Sure Lace™. Best characterized with noticeable 'bumps' , Sure Lace™ laces are designed to keep your laces tied tight and secure no matter the distance or stride. Sure Lace™ is also perfect for variable lacing and fit techniques. So, these could be a good idea if you're trying out new options for lacing or new midfoot support ideas.

I would recommend these laces for marathons or any long distance event; any race were lacing pit stops are not welcome!


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