Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Look Great, Perform Even Better

When you head out to the gym or out for a run, what are you wearing? Do you grab an old T-shirt and pair of gym shorts or do you have clothes just for your workouts? What about fit? support? How does it hold up in the wash?

When I ran competitively, I had special outfits for certain workouts and weather, but with motherhood and lack of time I used to just grab whatever "seemed" clean in the laundry room.

Just recently (within the last 8 months I'd say) I have discovered the beauty of fitness apparel. There is really nothing like a great looking outfit just for a workout. It's not just the look either, the materials and fabrics really do keep you dryer than those old cotton tees. And guys aren't immune to this trend of functional fitness fashion either, my husband just tried the New Balance short sleeve Ultra tee and Jersey Shorts, he swears by them. He is not a runner, but this outfit works for his weight lifting workouts.

I came across this very interesting article on that discusses the importance of fashionable workout apparel. If you look good while working out, you just might work out more often. This article features some tips on what to look for in fitness apparel and how to dress for certain activities. And it's not just for women, men should feel good while breaking a sweat, too.

So, what is your favorite workout look? I'd have to say mine is the Bonita Run Skirt and Tempo Tee There is just something about looking good while you run, you just feel more in shape.


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